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August, 2019:
Consortium of Light, an international spiritual community, is opening to expand the voice of All in Whole

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AIW publication is happy to tell you that we are working on an audio book, as the words are intended to be shared through the beauty of oral tradition.


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Yeah! The audiobook is finally out. it is with a great joy; we announce you the opportunity to get it through our providers.

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JPSDH Edition
(August, 2019)

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"Pismis 24 and NGC 6357"


ill titleWelcome !

All in Whole is a collection of spiritual insights intended to take us into the deepest aspects of ourselves to find our truth, expand our notion of reality and refine our sound, our soul’s song.

It’s been called spiritual poetry, intellectual prose, mystical revelation. Regardless, those who have heard the texts seem to agree on the impact of the vibration and the resonance of truth that the messages convey. For each individual the journey will be unique, as the texts shed new light and depth of insight with each experience.

They encourage us to:

  1. Go Within
  2. Shred social, cultural, religious beliefs
  3. Transcend ego (persona, identity) in order:
  4. To Expand to Be One with All

They help raise vibration through sound, the spoken word. They act as tools to guide our own introspection. Through this introspection we find our truth. Our sound is refined. We are polished, purified and made whole.

ill_1“One building block does not make the building. One atom doesn't make the universe. One of us doesn't make us. All makes the whole.
Opposition makes nature. We will never evolve by rejecting one side of the equation. Both sides of what is nature will make us expand.”